Every week our HCGM Social Services Department (SSHQ) will present free workshops for our Seniors and Caregivers.  All our hybrid workshops will be held on Google Meet as well as in person: Montreal in the Foyer (5777 Wilderton) in Laval at Holy Cross Church (4865 du Souvenir, Chomedey) and South Shore (5220 Grande-Allee, Saint-Hubert) from 5:30 to 6:30 pm on the dates indicated below.

Date Description Presenter
Thursday, November 11 Seasonal Effective Disorder “SAD” Dr. Emmanuel Aliatis, Clinical Psychologist
Thursday, November 18 How to Deal with Grief Dr. Emmanuel Aliatis, Clinical Psychologist
Friday, November 26 Extra Difficulties of Seniors Related to Covid-19    Dr. John Hadjinicolaou, Theol., Eng., MIOT
Tuesday, November 30 How to Cope with Diabetes Andrea Ionescu, Registered Nurse
Thursday, December 16 How to Cope with Addiction Dr. Emmanuel Aliatis, Clinical Psychologist   
Wednesday, December 29    How to Cope with Anxiety Andrea Ionescu, Registered Nurse

Our Next Event

On Tuesday, November 30th from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. A hybrid workshop (online via Google Meet and in person) in Montreal at the Foyer (5777 Wilderton), in Laval at Holy Cross Church (4865 du Souvenir, Chomedey), and in the South South Community Center (5220 Grande-Allee, St-Hubert) on How to Cope with Diabetes, presented by Andrea Ionescu, RN, BsN., and Eleni Rassias, RN, BsN.

The workshop will be discussed on the topic of Living with Type 2 Diabetes:
- What is Diabetes?
- Hypoglycemia & Hyperglycemia
- Diet Management
- Exercise
- Consequences of Diabetes
- How to take glucose levels
- Treatment
- Administering insulin

Please register in advance by Tuesday, November 30th at noon, either:

Use the online form to register for this or other sessions, e-mail us at : [email protected] or call us at: 514-738-2421 Ext: 135. Leave a message with your full name, phone number and that you confirm attending the workshop. Once you confirm attendance, we will contact you either by email or phone to provide you the link to access via Google Meet for the virtual workshop.