This is a very popular program and has been in operation for years.  It is for participants who have completed the PIED programme and it can run anywhere from eight to twelve weeks. It is very popular and has the following benefits:

  • To strengthen the overall body
  • To have more energy
  • To improve your state of mind and appearance
  • To help control weight
  • Exercise helps to combat diseases and other health problems
  • Exercise helps to promote better sleep
  • An opportunity to meet new people, have fun and make a new friend

Our expert trainer and kinesiologist, Argi motivates the participants to continue their exercises at home or at other programs after the session is over.  Many of the participants become friends and keep in touch afterwards.  The participant of these classes are of mixed origin, both male and female. There is a reasonable cost to participate in this programme. For statistics, see our latest activity report.

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